R package to analyse Q methodology data

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qmethod is under continued development, and fixes or additions are released on GitHub and published on CRAN.

To join development, please consider our guidelines.

You are invited to beta-test new features. To do so:

  1. Explore the issues, milestones and open pull requests to find a feature branch you are interested in. (Make sure to familiarize yourself with (Git)Hub first.)
  2. Using the devtools package, you can install such a feature branch or forked version directly from GitHub, using the appropriate repo (or pull) and ref (branch, commit or tag). (To learn how to install R, read the cookbook). For example, to install Max’s current fork, including additional plots, manual rotation etc from PR 97 you would run:
  install.packages("devtools")  # if you don't have it yet
  install_github(repo = "maxheld83/qmethod", ref = "master")
  1. You can now use this feature branch or forked version of qmethod.

Please note:

To return to your previous, “safe” version of qmethod from CRAN, run: